Volunteering with thāllo is above all having good intentions and a positive outlook on life.
By offering a little of your precious time, you can make a substantial contribution to the realization and the continuation of the work we do, while offering an invaluable service.

What can I offer?

You can offer your skills or specialty, as well as time, to implement our unique recreational model at the Elderly Care Units.

What can some hours of volunteering change?

Even a single visit plays a role. So, to answer the question, the answer is: a lot. Equally to the beneficiaries and the volunteers themselves.

While attempting to respond to this question, take into consideration that a lot of elderly people hardly ever receive any visits, while there are some that are never visited by anyone. It means that the few hours of your time may be the moments that some of them need more than anything else.

If you make people feel loved and feel like they have someone to talk to, you are helping them recover their lost self-confidence by showing them the way towards a more active and optimistic attitude to life.

What are the benefits of volunteering in Elderly Care Units?

You gain knowledge. By talking to the elderly and listening to their stories, one can get a wiser picture of life, while also renewing their perception of the value of everyday moments.

You discover new skills. If you ask them, it is certain that many of them know a craft. Ask them to offer you some of their skills and you might end up knitting your first scarf, taking care of the lemon tree in your garden, building a cupboard, and even learning the first swing steps.

You support the hard work that is being delivered at the Elderly Care Units. The staff of each unit does everything they can to provide these people with the necessary everyday goods. But when someone, outside the small community of the unit visits them, for them it is a special moment and something that they long for.

Make new friends. As volunteers in an Elderly Care Unit, you are sure to make new friends while improving the life of your existing ones.

It is true that the age gap when chatting with an elderly is huge. But if you try, you will find many similarities with them. A song, a book, a common interest, an experience is enough to establish a relationship that can soon evolve into a beautiful friendship.

If you wish to become part of our efforts to improve the everyday life of the elders, please send us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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