Volunteering with thāllo is above all intentions and positive mood.

By offering some of your valuable time you can contribute significantly to the carrying out and continuation of our work, while offering invaluable services.

How can I contribute?

Your specialty or skills are more than enough for us. After receiving the necessary training you will be able to actively participate in our scheduled live and digital visits.

How much can a few hours of volunteering change?

Even one visit is important. So, the answer to this question is simple: a lot. Both for the beneficiaries and for the volunteers.

Think that there are several people in nursing homes who rarely receive a visit, while there are those who never receive any visit at all. So, those hours you spend every week to pay them a visit, talk to them and recreate them may be the time that some of them anticipate the most.

If you make people feel loved and that they have someone to talk to, you help a great deal to the recovery of their lost self-esteem, thus showing the way to a more active and optimistic way of life.

What are the benefits of becoming a volunteer in nursing homes?

Gain knowledge. Through talking to nursing home residents and listening to their stories you can have a wiser and more complete image of life and you may reconsider your belief on the value of everyday moments.

Discover new skills. It is certain that many of them know a craft. If you ask them to show you a thing or two you might knit your first scarf, take care of the lemon tree in the yard, construct a cupboard or even learn the steps of swing.

Support the challenging work of care homes. The staff in every care home does its best to offer the necessary everyday goods to its residents. But when someone outside this small community visits them, then this is a substantial moment, a valuable pastime, something to crave, something to be impatient for.

Make new friends. As volunteers in a nursing home it is certain that you will make new friends, while at the same time you will improve the life of the people you meet.


It is clear that the age gap felt when conversing with old people is huge. But if you try, you can find similarities with them: a song, a book, a common interest, a trip experience is enough to build a relationship that will soon evolve into a beautiful friendship.

Therefore, if you wish to become part of our effort to improve the everyday life of these people, please send us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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